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    Since the CVA's inception, we have made incredible progress. You, our members, through your commitment, involvement, and passion have been essential in the creation of a professional and respected organization, recognized across the country as a not only the voice of the industry, but a source of knowledge and expertise that policy makers seek out for advice and guidance.


    In 2017, the CVA will continue to leverage this position in advocating for the industry, most importantly, at the Federal level. With the announcement of the introduction of Bill S-5 in the Senate, the industry issued a collective sigh of relief. For many of our members who have been around since the beginning, the issue of the legality of nicotine in our products and the risk we undertook in selling these products was overwhelming at times. Through our efforts, that cloud that has hung over the industry is finally drifting away.


    The CVA will also continue to work at the Provincial level at every opportunity. Although many provinces have already implemented regulations, we remain in constant contact with them to ensure the industry is heard. Where regulations have yet to be enacted, we will provide input whenever possible. And where regulations are deemed excessive, as they are in Quebec, we will aggressively pursue change through legal proceedings.


    2017 is shaping up to be an important year, possibly the most critical year this community will ever experience. I am honoured to have been granted the privilege of playing a role in this. I want to personally thank all the board members, the volunteers and all the members for your investment in the future of this amazing industry.


    Seasons greetings to you and your families for a memorable upcoming holiday season with best wishes in the new year.



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  • CVA participate in creating ISO standards for the vaping industry

    The Canadian Vaping Association through our participation with the Standard Council of Canada has been committed in helping the Federal government on creating standards for the vaping industry in Canada. Daniel David a CVA board member and Government relations Co Chair has been elected to be on the board of the Standard Council of Canada. In late October,

    Daniel David attended an ISO conference in Osaka Japan along with # of countries that participated in a 3 day conference. CVA is pleased to be part of the SCC in hopes to play a significant role in helping create regulatory framework and standards for vaping products in Canada.






    The award-winning documentary film, A Billion Lives, premiered to an audience of approximately 400 people in Toronto, Canada on October 21, 2016, at the Ted Rogers Hot Docs Theatre.


    Igniting controversy about the collusion between corporations and their corrupt government partners, A Billion Lives shows through interviews with various stakeholders how big business entities are conspiring to destroy an industry, even if it means a billion people will die this century as a result.


    Over 40 million people worldwide use vapour technology, with many successfully employing it as a means to quit smoking.  Director Aaron Biebert documents this phenomenon by travelling across four continents investigating why a device that can save lives has been so widely discredited.


    While many countries have restricted vapour technology, A Billion Lives has impacted government regulations around the world.  In New Zealand, three days after the film premiered, the government announced it would re-examine its ban on vapour technology – even removing funding from some organizations who oppose it.


    Canada has recently seen a patchwork of Provincial regulations implemented across the country this year, including a near-total shutdown of the industry in Quebec. With the Federal government aiming to put forward Federal regulations this month, the timing of this film is highly relevant.


    “Dealing with the epidemic of cigarette caused disease is easy”, says David Sweanor, veteran anti-smoking advocate working with the Centre for Health Law, Policy & Ethics at the University of Ottawa. “It is the smoke, not the nicotine, that causes the carnage. But there are huge vested interests standing in the way of giving Canadians a viable alternative to cigarettes. As this documentary seeks to show, the adversaries are not the entities most would suspect.” 


    Independently funded by Attention Era Media, A Billion Lives has received accolades, including the Best International Documentary award at Johannesburg’s Jozi Film Festival (South Africa September 2016), Supreme Jury Prize and Best Director awards at Melbourne Documentary Film Festival (Australia, July 2016), a Remi Award at the Worldfest Houston International Film Festival, and the Dorn Award from the Global Forum on Nicotine. The film has also premiered to rave reviews at New Zealand’s Doc Edge Film Festival (May 2016), and in Paris, Warsaw, Auckland, and Milwaukee.


    The Canadian Premiere and afterparty was presented by CVA member sponsors Vapebrands International and Pacific Smoke International in association with the CVA, 180 Smoke, DashVapes, VapeMeet, River City Vapes, Origins by Moshi, Twelve Monkeys, The Ecig Flavorium, Twisted Coil Vapes,Canadian Vape Supplies, and Uturn.


    The CVA is thankful for all of the hard work put in by various members in putting this event together and helping to draw attention to the film and increase our efforts to normalize vaping and advocate for fair regulations in Canada.


  • Update on Federal Regulation Bill S-5: 

    The Tobacco and Vaping Products Act



     In September, Health Minister Jane Philpott announced that a new legislative framework to regulate vaping products in Canada would be introduce this fall. On Nov 22, 2016; The Government of Canada introduced a new approach in regulating vaping products by introducing amendments that would establish the Tobacco and Vaping Products Act, a new legislative framework to regulate the manufacture, sales, labelling and promotion of these products in Canada.

    The new legislation aims to protect youth from nicotine addiction and inducements to tobacco use, while allowing adults to legally access vaping products as a likely less harmful alternative to tobacco. The new legislation will regulate devices and substances, such as e-liquids, and cover vaping products with and without nicotine.

    The proposed legislation would also include provisions that would ban the sale and promotion of all vaping products to persons under the age of 18. Prohibit the promotion of flavours that appeal to youth, and create regulatory body to mandate the display of health warning messages on vaping devices and refill packages. 

    CVA will continue to work with the federal government in creating standards for the vaping industry and to ensure that sensible regulation would be the outcome for the vaping industry.

    For more details on Bill S-5. Please visit http://www.parl.gc.ca/HousePublications/Publication.aspx?Language=E&Mode=1&DocId=8616193

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