• Job Postings

    How to create a job posting

    1. Login to your account. Make sure you are the primary representative by checking for all the menu options. If you have fewer than eight options at the top of the screen (as below), you are not the primary rep for your company. To correct this issue, please contact rmorrell@thecva.org.

    2. If you are the primary rep, select “Job Postings” in the left menu.

    3. In the new screen (below), select the blue button “Add Job Posting” in the top right corner.

    4. Fill out the following information for your job posting:

    • Title
    • Job description
    • Contact information
    • Time frame (in weeks) for listing
    • Category (e.g., Vape Store, Manufacturing Plant )
    • Website for company or position
    • Image (optional)

    5. You may save your job posting as a draft or submit your event for approval by clicking the “Submit for Approval” button at the bottom of the page (shown below). All job postings must be approved by a staff member before they will be posted.

    6. A new screen will appear confirming that your submission was successful (below). To check on the status of your submission, contact Ross Morrell at rmorrell@thecva.org


    *If you see a full menu but are still encountering issues, you may not have primary status. Please contact Ross Morrell  at rmorrell@thecva.org to rectify this issue.

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