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    June 14, 2017
    The Canadian Vaping Association 

    From its inception in 2014 and born from common thinking that the industry needs a national voice, CVA has proudly worked alongside elected officials, bureaucrats and industry stakeholders at municipal, provincial, and federal levels to seek and establish fair, reasonable and equitable policies and regulation for the vapor product industry. Supported by hundreds of vapor product shops across Canada, CVA is Canada’s only national voice for vape product shop owners, vaper advocates and manufacturers of vape products. 
    CVA is a not-for-profit organization powered by its national membership base with an ability to mobilize on short notice and assisted in its efforts with Regulators by qualified government relations professionals, law firms, and communications advisors to prepare and deliver position papers, amendments to Regulations and policy statements that support our Vision and Mission, which have been formulated through and by the views of our membership. We do this in a professional manner befitting a national advocacy organization.
    In the intervening years since CVA was established we have earned considerable sway with politicians and bureaucrats at all three levels of government from coast to coast in Canada. 
    To ensure proper oversight for membership funding, CVA is represented by a Board of Directors comprised of volunteer industry members who are duly elected by its membership and responsible for setting the goals to achieve the organization’s mandates. The Board is selected by the CVA membership through our Annual General Meeting. Based on the considerable regulatory initiatives that have taken hold in Canada since 2014, CVA Board members work tirelessly on behalf of members to deliver on the Vision and Mission. They do this work while they focus on their own businesses - often times without accolades. ‎They live the Vision and Mission of CVA. 
    Our Vision is to promote effective regulation and advocacy for CVA members and the hundreds of thousands of Canadians who have chosen to vape as an alternative to smoking cigarettes. We do this by working with all levels of government, stakeholders, and consumer groups to develop and maintain a sustainable and accountable vapor product industry centered around good public policy, smoking harm reduction and consumer safety.
    The mission of CVA is to serve our membership by being a consistent and engaged voice for vapor products, effective regulation and smoking harm reduction policies. We deliver on our mission by utilizing our experience and knowledge to provide evidence based education and accountability for the industry in a united, responsible, collaborative, and informed manner.  An acronym we have developed which reflects our vision and mission effectively is CAIR, which stands for:
    C-Consumer Focused, 
    CVA strives to be consumer focused by ensuring that our membership, as stakeholders and industry leaders, are current and informed on all existing and proposed laws and regulations that impact our industry. Furthermore, we hold ourselves and Regulators accountable to develop and implement results for the industry, all the while maintaining respect and integrity for ourselves, government and the processes under which we operate as a national organization. 
    It matters to CVA that we as an industry are viewed as professional, knowledgeable and capable, in addition to being an organization that delivers on its Vision and Mission.
    The CVA has positioned itself as a ‘Thought Leader’ for the Vapor Product Industry.  Through effective Board oversight and action we have represented the views and interests of industry members with favourable legislation in British Columbia and Manitoba. CVA was invited to present to the Senate Committee on the Government's most recent Bill S-5, as well as invited by Health Canada to submit our proposed amendments to Bill S-5, where several were accepted. We are currently in the process of working on the application of Vaping Regulations (which we initially completed and submitted April 13, 2017), as well as working alongside Health Canada on inspection standards post Bill S-5, which includes our thoughts on a national tobacco control policy and the implementation of the industry’s ‘Battery Safety Week’ to support consumer education, and safety. 
    Moverover, the amendments were passed largely because of our efforts. In fact, it should be known that the Conservative Senators were originally on record opposing Bill S-5 saying it was “too permissive” and as such need rougher regulation going forward. Through our leadership and relationships with the Ministers office and because of our ability to manoeuver throughout Ottawa, we have put CVA in a position to have a considered opinion and, as such, we are a bona fide stakeholder.
    CVA leadership continues to work with the Federal Government of the Bill S-5 and currently is engaged in face-to-face meetings with HESA committee members, which is the next committee to review the Legislation. We do this armed with the support of our membership, CVA committee members, Legal and Government Relationship experts. This process does not work through ‘opinion’ but rather a systematic approach of information gathering and interpretation. We continue to communicate both the concerns of our membership and the aspects of the Bill that we feel are in the best interest of both Canadians and the Vaping community. The CVA also has a history of holding Government accountable, in fact we filed a lawsuit in Spring Of 2016 against the Government of Quebec with respect to its Bill 44 Vit: Law 28, and we are working with Ontario to amend the Regulations it posted in late 2016. We are also working with the provinces of Newfoundland and Labrador as they consider legislation and regulations and we are monitoring activities in Saskatchewan and Alberta. We send monthly updates to members and seek to inform CVA on all activities that occur at government levels.
    If there are members or industry players who are feeling confused about the process, we encourage them to seek clarity rather than react to inflammatory misinformation. For our part, we will continue in our efforts to commit to providing accurate information through our membership calls and public releases on our web-site. We encourage all CVA members to join this month’s membership call where we plan a substantive overview of our Government relations activities and strategy.  
    As a CVA member, we believe you have an effective and trusted advocate - able to work with Government and stakeholders across Canada.
    To further fulfill our Vision and Mission, CVA offers its members programs in governance, policy development, and communications, we offer Opportunities for members and those interested in becoming members to gain experience in the development of vapor product industry policy. 
    Moreover, through collectivity we offer the opportunity for industry development and promotion through initiatives such as:
    • Nation Battery Safety Week program
    • Recognition by government and media as an accredited industry partner
    • Group Insurance Discounts
    • Mercantile (Credit Card) Processing & Discounts
    • Legal support for the industry
    • Government Relations support for the industry 
    The Canadian Vaping Association supports its Canadian vapor product users, and we do so by providing safety and education on vaping as an alternative to smoking; best practice sharing; accreditation program(s) supporting community based needs beyond retail; effective processes and protocols to ensure no products are sold or available to minors; and being focused on community based, fact based values for the public.
    The Canadian Vaping Association is proud to represent the voice for its members and the vapor product industry. We encourage each and every vapor product business to get involved.  Join us to support your fellow businesses, the industry, and to support the millions of Canadian SMOKERS that need The CVA as leaders in tobacco harm reduction.
    To join The Canadian Vaping Association, or if you have any questions about research and regulations please contact: 
    Darryl Tempest
     (800) 826-7146 or info@thecva.org
    Darryl Tempest, Executive Director

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