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    This group is for the Public Relations Committee
    Shawn Kreger
    Rivercity Vapes
    Ross Morrell
    One Stop Vape Shop
    Stanley Pijl
    Cloud 9 Vape Shoppe
    Philippe Quenneville
    Chateau Noir labs
    Sam Tam
    Pacific Smoke International Incorporated.
    Jack Weinberg
    Happy Vaper
    Meshaila Sinnis
    Canadian Vaping Association
    Quebec Legal & Government Relations Chair/Members
    Province: Quebec
    Meshaila began her venture into the vaping industry in 2011 in the United States. In 2013 she opened the first vape shop in Atlantic Canada, faced the first legislation in North America and helped in obtaining the wanted amendments for the industry. in 2015 Meshaila made the executive decision to depart from her shops and focus on advocacy not only in the vapor product industry but surrounding a plethora of topics reaching from Health, Education, Finance, Mental Health, and more. After relocating to Quebec in early 2016, Meshaila has focused her efforts full time to The CVA and legislation across Canada. As the First Founding Member of The CVA she is proud to be a part of an ever-growing organization that advocates for it's members.
    Darryl Tempest
    Canadian Vaping Association
    Executive Director

    Province, Ontario

    Darryl brings over twenty years of experience in public policy development, business development, and political involvement, as a leading expert for health and patient advocacy in Ontario. Darryl is a founder of the Ontario Physiotherapy Clinics Alliance and acts as the executive director for serval associations and organizations. Darryl has applied his healthcare, public policy, and organizational experience to support the mission, vision, and values of the CVA and the Vaping Industry. 


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