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    Jack Weinberg
    Canadian Vaping Association
    Province: Ontario
    In early 2009, having smoked for 26 years, Jack discovered electronic cigarettes when he accidentally came across an article on the then novel technology in New Scientist magazine. Amazed at the positive impact e-cigarettes were having on his life, he opened Happy Vaper to provide others with access to, what was at the time, a very small market. Prior to Happy Va per, Jack was the CTO of Wireless Interactive Medicine Inc., where he developed software systems for the medical sector. Previously, Jack led a development team at Homeland Security Technology Corpora­tion, a GPS navigation solutions provider, where he developed and oversaw systems used in the clean-up opera­tions at the World Trade Center in New York City. Jack, his wife, Sidney, and their two sweet and delightful girls, make their home in Richmond Hill, Ontario.
    Darryl Tempest
    Canadian Vaping Association
    Executive Director

    Province, Ontario

    Darryl brings over twenty years of experience in public policy development, business development, and political involvement, as a leading expert for health and patient advocacy in Ontario. Darryl is a founder of the Ontario Physiotherapy Clinics Alliance and acts as the executive director for serval associations and organizations. Darryl has applied his healthcare, public policy, and organizational experience to support the mission, vision, and values of the CVA and the Vaping Industry. 

    Karim Khwaja
    Canadian Vaping Association
    Legal and Government Relations Chair

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